Grumpy’s First Grumble

28 Dec

So. I’ve decided to give this whole blogging thing a go. Not a clue what I’m doing, so let’s see how it works out…..



  • I have Type 1 Diabetes. It’s what I have, NOT who I am.
  • I’m on an insulin pump. NO that does NOT mean that I have it worse than others, that it’s a more serious type than other types of Diabetes or that I will die the second I disconnect it!
  • I’m cynical
  • I’m sarcastic
  • Oh, and I’m GRUMPY!!


Why blog?

  • All the “kids” are doing it and I feel left out!
  • I get GRUMPY about people who make assumptions regarding my condition (Diabetes, not all the others) and I want to gently educate them about the facts (more about these people soon. Much much more…..).
  • I want to help other people with Diabetes if I can.



  • All my views are my own (God help you if you think the same as me. Get medical help quick!)
  • I sometimes work With Animas UK & Ireland. This blog does not represent their views
  • I am not selling or recommending any products from any manufactures
  • I‘ve probably got other things I should add here and will when I think of them.



  • I’m using an Animas Vibe Insulin Pump – Other Pumps are available
  • I use an iBGstar Blood Glucose Meter – Other Meters are available
  • I’m have Type 1 Diabetes – Other Types are available
  • I’m Grumpy – Other emotions are out of the question!!


If you think you may find this entertaining, educational, or informative then please come back to check if I actually write something worth reading.


You can also follow me on Twitter @grumpy_pumper if you want to, or are just desperate to look like you have friends (that’s what I do).


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