“It’s Just a Small Prick”

31 Dec

Well, hard to believe as it may be. I have not always been the Grumpy Pumper.  Wasn’t difficult to choose the name of course for obvious reasons. As well as being a Diabetic, I also have Dyslexia. So I considered “The Dyslexic Diabetic” but not the easiest to spell if you’re Dyslexic. Thank DOG for spell checkers………


So I expect the best place to start with this whole blogging thing would be the thrilling, heart wrenching story of my diagnosis. Although given the title of this instalment, it’s more likely to resemble a Carry On film (Carry On Pumping). If you’re under 35 years old you may have to Google those films!


Anyway. Diagnosed Type 1 on 26th of August 1994 Anyone that has just read that date and thought “that’s before I was born” best log out of your computer and take that smug look of your face. You are late for school!! (Oh, by the way, I ramble and go off at tangents, just like that quite often). When I say diagnosed, I mean by those Doctor medical type people. I already knew that I got it. How did I know? Well it runs in my family. To be fair, it’s more of a mandatory requirement. If you don’t get it, you get cast out of the family and deported to Suffolk (I’m from Norfolk by the way. High Six!). Had the usual symptoms, Thirsty, Tired and Weight Loss. I went down to ten and a half stone by the time I was admitted to Hospital. Being six feet two tall, that a little bit too thin…..


So knowing that I had Diabetes, why did I not go straight to the Doctor? Two main reasons:

  1. I have delusions of Immortality (commonly known as being a bloke)
  2. My brain was still Type Zero (I will discuss this terrible, embarrassing disorder at length in the future, but for the full medical definition please visit http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Type%20Zero) and I didn’t understand the implications of having Diabetes yet.


The incident that pushed me to see a doctor was that I was so tired that I dropped off to sleep at the wheel whilst driving home from work one day. Just for a second or two, and without incident fortunately. So booked appointment for the Friday. He took a blood sample. He also took the piss a urine sample and told me to come back in a week for the results. At 18:30 that evening he was ringing my home telling me to go back the next day. Uncharacteristically, I did what I was told. The Doc had a very concerned look on his face after he told me the news (that I already knew) and asked several times if I understood. I assured him that I was fine and not worried as I knew exactly what it meant to have Diabetes and how it was treated. Of course, 18 years on, I now know that I was talking total boll0%cks and knew slightly less than nothing!


Having been told that I had a bed waiting at the local hospital and to go home and pack a bag, I did what every newly diagnosed Diabetic should do. I went to the nearest shop, bought and ate three Mars bars. Well, I was off to hospital, and was going to have to stop being a chocaholic. What would you have done??


First blood glucose test in Hospital was 26 mmol (the mars bars may have tweaked it up a tad). They fasted me for a day and then started me on insulin (Mixtard if anyone can remember that). So having a very childish sense of humour, I of course couldn’t resist the puerile comment back, when the nurse came to give me my first ever injection. “Don’t worry Mr Grumpy, (names have been changed to protect the guilty) “its just a small prick”. My response was received with polite smile and a swift jab of the syringe. From then on, I did my own injections, never bothered me. After all, I’m a tough guy! Had the visits from Dietician, DSN, got the leaflets and carb lists etc.


I left hospital after 5 days to embark on my new and exciting life as a Type 1. Full equipped with my 2 injections a day of Mixtard, a cool blood meter that would test your blood in just 2 min’s (remembering to clean the lens on it regularly), a diet with fixed carb loads for each meal and my target blood glucose range. Everything I needed for good control. This was going to be a piece of cake fruit (with 10g carb in it)………………………….

5 Responses to ““It’s Just a Small Prick””

  1. Phil December 31, 2012 at 1:37 pm #

    Mixtard, you had it easy 😉 try mixing your own 😀
    You got a BG meter, I remember comparing the colour of the strip against the side of the pot, some accurate.

  2. insulingirl December 31, 2012 at 8:54 pm #

    I took my bottle of lucozade with me to the hospital. I drank loads until the nurses took it off me when I was diagnosed.

  3. Rob Woolfson January 7, 2013 at 2:05 pm #

    My comment to people who ask “so does it hurt having to inject yourself all the time?” is “No! its just a small prick but you should know what that feels like”. If saying it to a girl nod over towards her significant other, or make reference if not in the room.
    When you say it runs in your family what do you mean. My brother has it. He was very ill when he was diagnosed. So as soon as I had even the slightest symptoms I cut out all sugary drinks and chocolate. That’s why I was only 9mmol at diagnosis. It was almost too low for them to be sure I had Diabetes.

  4. joanne April 18, 2014 at 6:56 am #

    Hi grumpy,iv just found ur blog,its brightened up my day!
    I was also diagnosed August 1994,weird,but aged 7 yrs,and i was also at the animas weekends 2013 & 2012, weirder! R u going this yr?
    Keep blogging!

    • grumpypumper April 18, 2014 at 10:57 am #

      Hi. Yes I’m lucky and get to go again with the Animas team.
      Glad you like the blog.

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