Performance Anxiety….

11 Jun

Since it is Diabetes Week, and we are almost at our anniversary of 19 years together I think it’s time we reviewed your performance.

To be honest, I’m disappointed. I don’t feel that you are achieving your performance objectives and if I’m totally honest, you performance is seems to be getting worse instead of better.

So let’s start by reviewing your job description shall we?

“Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that permanently destroys beta cells in the pancreas, meaning that the body can no longer produce insulin.

Type 1 diabetes symptoms should be acted upon immediately, as without treatment this type of diabetes can be deadly.”

You kind of started off very well. Life threatening? Deadly? Well, yes. You did get me into hospital for 5 days for these exact reasons as soon as soon as you took up this role. Lost weight, ketones the lot. Good work and to be fair to you, text book stuff. So on the face of it a great start. Well done.

Thing is, for me, you peaked a bit too early. You’ve not really maintained this performance since. And if I’m being really picky, you need help right from the start didn’t you? I mean, let’s face it, autoimmune? I had to give you a helping hand from day one! Had to call in the old immune system to hit the Panc’ with a bit of friendly fire to kill off those beta cells for you. Well. I suppose you were new to the role. Let’s just call the helping hand I gave you “Induction Training” and say that you had a good start.

So, good start, but after that? Well you went quiet for a year or two didn’t you? Maybe you were tired after all of your efforts at the outset. You were easy to manage though, kind of forgot that you were there to be honest. I have to give you credit for spotting that and taking advantage. Also for the way you did it. No large full on attack this time. No KDA or anything like that. Just a gradual increase in averages, gently nudging levels up so that I didn’t pay any attention. Again, good work. You see, if you put your mind to it, you can do it, and you can adapt your plan off attack. You’re just not too good at the day to day stuff are you?

Having praised you on you adaptability, I do need to highlight on issue. Let’s call it “an area for development”. You don’t cope well with changes to my management technique do you? No come on you don’t! You gained some ground, I realised, changed from twice daily injections to MDI, and that was it! Your performance dropped right back off again. It’s almost like you ran away and hid. Come on. You’re supposed to be tougher than that!

Really that’s been the pattern of events since then hasn’t it? If I take my eye off the ball, you gain some ground. As soon as I realise and adapt my management, you shrink back into the shadows. Since moving to the pump, you have really lost the plot. The pump makes me focus more on what you are doing, which means more and more you don’t even make it out of the shadows at all.

So I hope I have given you plenty to consider. You really are underperforming, and you are getting worse. Just think if the current research into Diabetes brings me new technologies. What will that mean for you? Redundancy. That’s what!

So go and sit back in the shadows and think about what I have said!

Oh. And stop Crying. You’re supposed to be Deadly!!


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