Safe Dex

27 Sep

I have this issue you see. I have a nasty rash.

It happens every time I do it. Ok, so it’s only once a month. You see I don’t get it for free. I have to pay for it and can only afford on session a month. It never lasts as long as I want it to. Other people sessions last so much longer than mine. I know this due to extensive Internet research. That’s a different issue though.

So back to my rash. It starts with an itch. About a day after I’ve put it in, then it starts to get red. With in 2 days the rash is there and it just gets worse and worse.

This week I finally asked for advice about my rash. I asked if I needed to change the speed at which it goes in?
Do I need to try different positions or technique?? No. The answer was so simple. Use protection! Use it every time.

So from now on, every time I insert a new Dexcom CGM sensor I will be using a “tough pad” between me and the device to solve my little problem. I will now always practice Safe Dex.

Many thanks to Kerri Sparling for her advice on this. Her blog post on CGM rash can be found at in this blog post.



One Response to “Safe Dex”

  1. Catherine Forbes (@CoastCath) June 9, 2014 at 9:48 pm #

    Safe Dex – if it’s not on, it’s not on

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