Grumpy New Year

31 Dec

Since as everyone else is going a review of 2013 I thought I’d jump on the band wagon and do the same.

Suppose the main thing for me in 2013 is that I’ve met some amazing people through the #Doc and associated diabetes stuff. It’s been very helpful in spreading the Grumpiness.

One down side of the year for me has been my fitness. Through injury, but mainly being a lazy git I have achieved my all-time personal best level of unfitness, my highest weight and waist size ever. Ah well. At least I have achieved something.

None of this can be blamed on my Diabetes. Although my Diabetes has been very quiet this year. Maybe its because I sat my oversized arse on it and it can’t escape? My lowest HbA1c in 6 years of 7.1 % was a positive along with halting the damage to my eyes and feet in its tracks were also kind of good……..

So…… 2013…… Basically. I frowned…..

Sports Weekend = Frowning.

iPhone Backup 692

Bloggers Summit = Frowning.

iPhone Backup 856

Monster Manor Launch = Frowning


QiC Awards = Frowning



World Diabetes Day = Frowning


Well then. So what’s the plan for Grumps in 2014? Well…….

Hba1c under 7.0%

100 mile Bike Ride

5K Park Run

Reduce Weight

Kick Diabetes arse off this Planet

And Frown. Always Frown!!!



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