Why do I Bother?…..

10 Apr

Since attending, as a delegate, the Animas Sports weekend in 2012 things have changed for me. I blogged about the value I got from attending the weekend in a previous post.

So. What’s changed? Well. I am now The Grumpy Pumper. Ok, I was always a miserable bastard and was already on a pump, so in reality I’ve just formalised the obvious. I only created the twitter account as a joke (I tend not to take much very seriously you will be surprised to hear) and to keep my life with Type1 separate from that of my “Real” life.

Well. The second one backfired. I’ve become known to more people as “Grumps” than as the “Real” me. I spend more time on social media than I ever did. I think more and talk more about My Diabetes than I ever did. At times this annoys the hell out of Mrs Grumps, which can only be an added benefit!

Of course I could never keep My Diabetes separate from my “Real” life! Its part of me, I live with it and there is no escape from it. To be honest, its stuck with me, I’m a nightmare to live with and it servers it right for turning up uninvited.

So “being Grumpy” has taken over my life. Then why do I bother??
Because I have better focus on My Diabetes that I have in the 20 years since diagnosis, have learnt more in 2 years than I did in 18years and have met (either in person or on the interweb) the strongest, most resilient of people that I will ever meet. They are way too happy. Smile too bloody much, but the Diabetes Community who manage Diabetes (either their own or that of the children they care for) show what community and support really is.

What hasn’t change?
I’m still Grumpy
I’m still on a pump
It is still MY Diabetes and I WILL manage it how I want to

20 years since Diagnosis in August this year and I’m ready for the next 20. My Diabetes better watch out. Grumpy’s about!!

Live Long and Bolus



3 Responses to “Why do I Bother?…..”

  1. Lis Warren (@LisWarren) April 10, 2014 at 11:09 am #

    Just like to second that thumbs up for the DOC. I’ve had it 49 yrs and learnt more in the last year (since getting active on FB and, in the last few weeks, joining Twitter). I’ve hardly spoken about D to friends & colleagues during my life and never met or chatted with another T1 until I did DAFNE about 9 yrs ago. That’s 40 yrs with nothing other than Balance and my occasional clinic appointments…! It’s been revelation hearing how others manage it (or don’t, as sadly I so often read…) and also hearing the funny ‘incidents’ I know so well. I’m sorry to say Grumps, it appears the ones that manage best are those with a positive attitude 🙂 Took me decades to reach this point, but can now admit to being extremely grateful for what it’s taught me. Would love to see your smile!!! Love your humour…

  2. Vicki April 10, 2014 at 9:48 pm #

    Great post, Grumps!
    Like you, I’ve found much comfort in the diabetes online community, and I’m so much more “tuned in” now. Despite your online name, you’re a great and positive source of support within the doc!
    – Vicki


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    […] reminded about this yesterday while reading a blog post by The Grumpy Pumper about his own story of venturing into the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). I have had similar conversations with Dave (@SowerBee) previously […]

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