Risk Management

19 Feb

There is this guy I know.

I’ve known him all my life

From birth he has lived with a condition that will ultimately end his life.

He lives with the risk of health issues that will complicate his life if he gets them.

Heat Attack, Stroke, Cancer, you know the score.

He’s always looked after himself on the whole.

Of course he’s had his moments.

After all you have to enjoy the life you are given right?

But overall he has tried to minimise the risk of these life complicating health issues.


Just over a week ago he had a Stroke.

Caused by a blood clot in his neck.

It affected his arm and speech to a degree.

It’s been removed now and he is on the mend.


At no point through this has anyone made him feel like it’s his fault.

No one has laid blame anywhere.

No one has him feel like he has failed.

Because he hasn’t!

He’s lived his life to the best of his ability for him and the befit of his family.

He’s tried to minimise the risks as best he can whilst maintain his quality of life.


His Condition?

Being alive – The Human Condition.


The Person?

My Father.


He’s going to be ok.

He’s a resilient bastard.

Just a bit too happy at times for my liking…….


So if you wouldn’t blame a guy whose tried to live his life his way for his “Complication”

Then why the fuck would you blame a Person With Diabetes for doing theirs?


Live Long and Bolus.




One Response to “Risk Management”

  1. Ann Morris February 20, 2018 at 8:53 pm #

    Well said

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